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Not every webmaster is an expert SEO or expert link builder, but all of us have one thing in common, we have to promote our website any way we can to the best of our possibilities. One of the things we definitely need to do if we want to tap into the search engine organic traffic is link building. So for those non tech savvy that have a hard time dealing with advanced operators and direct link acquisition, here are a few link building resource for beginners.

My Blog Guest

My Blog Guest is a guest post platform created and run by Ann Smarty. It started out as a forum, similar to Guest Post Exchange forum but quickly turned into a platform where you can find guest posts and submit guest posts for others. Guest posting is a great way to build links, and My Blog Guest is currently the number one platform that will easily land you a few quality content links from your submitted guest posts. Great benefit is that you can also accept guest posts for your blog, so you also get content.


Forums are the number one place to look for links, but you need to be careful. Everyone in the forums will be eager to swap links, do non-reciprocal link exchanges and exchange guest posts or review, but a great number of people there have low quality sites that are a part of a large network. You should avoid those. Don’t look at the page rank when choosing a site to place a link on, look at the number of visits, regular updates, social media presence. That will all show that the website is legit. Some forums you can use to find linking opportunities include:

  • Digital Point Forum
  • Warrior Forums
  • SEO Forums
  • SEO RoundTable Forum

Niche Communities

Niche communities are a great way to build links through articles and networking. There are dozens of online communities in almost every niche. For example if you were to type into Google “travel community” you would get hundreds of sites similar to HubPages, but tailored to a specific market. What you can do is post articles with dofollow backlinks on most of them, provide tips, answer questions and find other market webmasters to connect with, build relationships and of course backlinks.

Link Exchange Sites (It’s not what you think)

I am talking about sites like Link Market, but the manner in which I suggest you use them is totally different. Instead of participating in the blatant direct link exchange what you need to do is use your head. All of these sites have a directory list of websites that clearly state they wish to exchange links, so you basically have a list of websites to contact and can expect a positive reply. But instead of contacting them for a simple link exchange, offer them more. Offer them a guest post, a non-reciprocal link exchange, review of their services, or anything you might think of.

Ontolo Link Building Tool

While Ontolo is the only resource on this list that will not get you immediate websites to build links, it will help you expand your backlink profile by giving you a great set of search queries you can use to find resources, link exchanges, guest posts, donations, sponsorships, communities and all of the above mentioned. Just use their Link Prospecting Tool.

With all of these resources lined up you have some link building to do. Focus on quality and relevancy and you won’t be behind your competitors anymore.

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One thought on “Link Building Resources for Easy Link Building

  1. denzal wellington

    Forum posting and Blogs are parts of link building. The easy technique for link building is that use fresh content and make relevant comment. Link exchange is also effective.

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