Hey, thanks for viewing my about page! I’m Eric Marantan a passionate web developer, e-commerce consultant, SEO specialist and social media strategist from the Philippines.

What I’m doing?

I am developing websites for small and big businesses in the local or abroad. I’m also developing web systems and tools for internet marketers. I’m also building e-commerce platform for a company who wants to sell their products or services online and sharing effective online marketing strategies to help their marketing goals and success.

What I love to do?

I love the reggae music, indie music and a sports fan of MMA, Boxing and Basketball. I love fishing in the river and to small creek. I love traveling and exploring new places. And I’m also loved cooking and experimenting new good recipes.

Disclaimer Statement

Important information regarding the site:

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Notice to guest bloggers and commenters:

  1. Anyone who guest-blogs for me takes full and sole responsibility for what they write. Most know this already, but I need to underscore it very clearly. I disassociate myself from your expressed views.
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